Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Valley of the Dolls' Clothes

Great things about knitting dolls' clothes:
  1. really quick results
  2. you only need a small amount of yarn
  3. your little girl loves the results, even if not perfect
  4. you can do it in front of the tv
  5. if you make a mistake it's not much work to start again
  6. if you make a mistake the doll won't complain about your shoddy workmanship (workwomanship?)
  7. you can practise stuff you are no good at like sewing up your item
  8. did I mention the quick results?
The cardigan is not being modelled yet. This is because Baby Annabell is shy. Only kidding, Mia won't be parted from her, they are both in bed. (In fact I have had to serve the doll meals ever since Santa brought her).

I used this doll pattern book:

Last summer I went to a jumble sale at the church hall in a village near here. I bought a knitting folder which was someone's collection of patterns mostly cut out of Woman's Weekly magazine in the 70s and 80s. I only bought it because I wanted to give them money for something (they were fund-raising because the lead from the roof had been stolen). Also I was concerned about why the folder was in the sale - but then I thought the previous owner would prefer me to buy it than for it to be thrown away.

Anyway I was scouting about for a simple knitting project after my snood success and found this booklet, dated 1978, in the collection. It's quite a fun booklet, the "fashion dolls" include this rather scarey "Farrah" (Fawcett?) doll:

I have an extensive collection of knitting needles, upwards of 75 pairs as my Aunty Peg (aged nearly 90) gave me hers. I also had a random ball of white yarn with no band on it. I think it's 4ply rather than the called for DK (fingering not sportweight, US knitters?) but the cardi seems ok.

I won't bother to block the cardi  - it's for a doll - and there are no buttons on it yet. I don't have 3 matching white buttons but I daren't put on the pale blue ones that I have in case Mia declares it a "boy cardigan" and therefore useless (!). Mia and I will pick out mixy-matchy buttons from Aunty Peg's old tin tomorrow, it's a very good button tin indeed:

None of the buttons in it match but they are fun to look through.


  1. This tin is fantastic. I having a break and enjoying reading blog posts.x

  2. What an adorable sweater for the new "baby', in your family.. Love it.. I would love to learn to knit..
    And I also love the tin that is holding the buttons.What fun for you and Mia to hunt for matching buttons..

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