Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Quick Christmas recycled make

Not last Christmas but the one before Mia had a long-sleeved Christmas vest (the sort that has poppers underneath, I think it's called a onesie in America) that I really liked. Last year I tried to cut the poppers off and hem it to make a t-shirt as Mia had grown and the crotch was a bit short.

But I didn't know you needed a ball point needle for jersey fabric! So I made a right pig's ear of it.

Actually, this is a good example of what I have learnt in a year. I dug it out of the scrap bag and used a ball point needle and a zigzag stitch to make it into a little decorative cushion. It's stuffed with toy filling.

Tah dah!


  1. Adorable..adorable...and what a fantastic idea!!!!
    Love when you can make things that hold fond memories..

  2. Thanks both, Mia thinks I made the cushion for her dollies so she really likes it - bonus!

  3. Thanks Rachel x PS LOVE your new Lanvin dress!