Monday, 29 April 2013

Is corduroy a bit teacherish really?

For this jacket or a similar one you need: main fabric, underlining, lining, facing, shoulder pads, seam head rolls (or similar, can't remember what it is called now), a pattern, buttons, thread and patience. You will also need to make a toile (muslin) so some waste fabric - I used a duvet cover. In my case I also needed a sewing teacher to reassure me I could manage a jacket pattern.

I nearly had a nervous breakdown over the welt pockets - you have to CUT into your fabric piece. Yes. Cut it. Did you know?

Worked out OK though.

My sewing teacher is a genius because she suggested rather nice quilting cotton facings, check it out:

That one across the bottom is a sort of pretend faux facing sewn on afterwards like appliqué to balance out the top one, I am rather pleased with it.

Of course it looks best on the hanger but my mini-me took a photo of me in it anyway:

Finally, do you hate sticky-taping together printed pattern sheets? Yes? Me too. But I am such a fan of Colette patterns that I made an exception for Laurel - coming soon.