Thursday, 27 December 2012

Posts are like buses.....

You wait for ages and then 3 come along at once....

This is a 3-in-one post.

I haven't blogged in months. To be honest, I didn't feel like it. So I didn't. When it's the holidays the pace of life slows down and I feel like I have time again. So here goes.

I have made 3 projects since I last blogged and although I completed two for sewweekly I didn't get around to putting them up and the moment has gone. They were both self drafted patterns, the first one was a copy of a Vivienne Westwood style skirt:

As it was self drafted I messed up the waistband and had to make a fix, in fact it turned out to be my favourite part.

Then I wanted to try out a pattern from Gertie's book but couldn't be faffed to trace the pattern so I just used my own but copied her waistband idea. This was my first attempt at boning:

The third project was for Mia, she was a shepherd in her Nativity play and although I could have bought a costume very cheaply they were all brown and "too boyish" so I made her one from gold lining fabric in my stash. I used the pattern on the right but left off the collar and made it floor length.
I was going to base the waistcoat on the one in the left but it was too big and in the end I just got some red fleece and winged it.
Finally I raided the teatowel drawer. Mia is in the middle. I was very proud and cried.
This post goes out with special love to Judy and Diane, who I have neglected abominably. Thanks for thinking of me even when I was not around, it meant a lot to me even if I didn't reply. xxxx