Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Miss Mia quite contrary

Mia firmly rejected my mixy-matchy idea for white buttons from my button tin and decided on the blue buttons (even though blue is for boys) because they match. So, my first doll cardi is now finished:


  1. I think Mia got a great eye for style...

  2. Oh how cute..[Mia is adorable and so is her stylish baby]. The cardi is super cute and I agree with Mia..the blue buttons are fantastic..
    Now Mama...dont you know, if you ever predict what a child will say or do? They ALWAYS do the opposite.hahahhahaha
    Mia is adorable ,just like her mom...Proud you had a good Christmas..

  3. Thanks Rachel and Judy, you are so nice to always be commenting on my silly little posts, I really appreciate it.
    Judy you are so right, but you know if I had put the blue buttons on without asking that would really have been wrong! Sigh...... lol xx