Sunday, 4 December 2011

Party frock: I Made That Look. Sort of.

Once upon a time I saw a dress I really liked in Monsoon (a British chain store I really like but that is on the pricey side, for me anyway) that was too expensive. I wrote to Mena on her website as she does a spot called "Make This Look" in which she explains how you could make it yourself at home. She featured my dress! (note for British readers: I felt like Jim'll Fix It had actually Fixed It for Me!)

 Of course, I bought the pattern and the fabric and then did nothing. No dress. No nothing. Slight guilt pangs. Bigger guilt pangs.

But now I have Made That Look: Tah da!

The more alert and eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that it has now moved away slightly from the original. It is the same dress, honest guv'nor.

But obviously I made it in a blue taffeta. I am wearing shoes from Monsoon so that must count for something, surely? They are blue suede shoes, so I had to have them.

I made a blue dress because it was one of my Fall Essentials Sewalong colours, on the mood board I made.

The dress was supposed to be similar to the one on the top right of my board. If I am honest, I probably should have made it without the sleeves. They were a bit tight and impeding.

I wore my new frock last night to my work party, we went out for a meal and disco combination evening. I have no photos of that because I always dance like a loon and get sweaty and embarrassing at these events, especially during the eighties music section..... so much fun.

So here's another photo with my princess instead:


  1. LOVE this dress!!! I have this exact same fabric too (Croft Mill??) and it's so fabulous to see it sewn up and how wonderful it looks! Perfect for the holidays!

  2. I've got some blue shoes like that! But mine came from Clarks and have a suede covered buckle on the front.

  3. Charolette,
    This dress is just beautiful. I love the blue fabric, and the shoes are gorgeous.
    What a great dress for your Christmas party and many more Christmas events to come.
    As always, Minnie Me is tooooo cute...
    Happy sewing..

  4. Charlotte this is a real party dress, well done. It lokks so great and I love the shoes too.

  5. Pretty pretty shoes! And a lovely dress to match, what more could a girl want? Well done on doing a MTL!

  6. Thanks everyone for your supportive comments, you are very kind xx

    Debi - yes, croftmill, well spotted, It is lovely fabric!

  7. Now Charolette... you have done it to me again..[I didnt catch it at]..but what in the world is "Jim'll fix it"?????????? Now...I wonder is there a little fairy called Jim..who will come while you sleep.. and put fairy dust on it and it is all fixed??????[I want to know him, if this is what it is!!] hahahhahahahaha

  8. You're too young to remember Jim'll Fix It or the 80s! Great dress and really luxurious colour - party on

  9. Ruth ha ha ha, how nice are you? I'm afraid everyone on sewweekly knows it was my 40th a couple of months ago, they were very kind about it!

    Judy, Jim'll Fix It was a tv programme where Jim (aka Jimmy Saville, who sadly died this year) fixed it for children who wrote in to fulfill their wishes - e.g. meet their favourite celebrity or be a lighthousekeeper or whatever. So I felt like Mena picked me to fulfill my wish..... xx