Monday, 19 December 2011

Assimilate: resistance is futile

Spent a very enjoyable morning crafting with Mia, her friend Emily and Emily's sister Lydia. Basically last year's Christmas cards, glitter, glue and scissors. Oh, and egg boxes. And some jam jars. And a ruler.

I am determined that the younger generation will craft!


  1. Looks like fun!!! Happy holidays!!

  2. fun fun fun... cannot wait to have children and play. Im such a big kid.

  3. Lots of fun thanks but we made nothing useful - just a big mess! Lots of glitter everywhere!

  4. Love it!!!! Isnt this the most fun!!!!
    My grandkids can amuse themselves for hours
    with scraps.. and I absolutely love what they
    come up with...
    Have fun...

  5. Loads of fun Judy, basically cutting up and sticking things to other things, they do seem to like it x