Saturday, 10 December 2011

Knit me baby one more time

I have been very inspired by the Crafty Christmas Club started by Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons. Crafty types are posting their Christmas makes there. In particular, one post was about a super easy knitted snood. This snood keeps popping up all over recently - the pattern is quick to knit up and looks very effective. I have made three. one for me and two for presents:

I used Sirdar Indie yarn, bought from ebay. You can make a snood from 2 balls if you stop about a row short. I also made a white scarf for my sister-in-law, the yarn has a sort of frosty effect you can't see in the photo but which is very wintry. No pattern, just ridiculous large needles (12mm), stocking stitch and 9 stitches to a row. Knit until you have finished the ball of yarn!

Here is a snood being modelled and the scarf too:

I am looking forward to another evening of knitting in front of the tv.....


  1. Mia is looking so happy showing up your creations.

  2. oh they look great, very busy!!

  3. Beautiful.. and you girls are making me want to learn to knit!!!! That is one thing, I never learned to do..
    Miss the super cute model..
    I am working on poodle skirts for Emily and Callie.. They have been begging me all year for one..So thought ,they would find one in their stockings this year.ha
    Happy gift making and knitting.

  4. Thanks girls x

    Judy, I don't knit well, just basic stuff, my mother is a very talented knitter but she doesn't knit any more really. It's great for in front of the telly!
    I hope we will see photos of the poodle skirts! I bet they will love them, how lucky they are to have their sewing maw x