Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Walking in a wiki wonderland

Have you visited It's like an encyclopedia of patterns and the wiki bit means anyone can add's mucho fun.

On sewweekly Kat is currently organising a pattern swap. The idea is you sign up, then Kat will randomly assign each person a "sender". You are told who you are sending to, you send a pattern and wait for your parcel to arrive.....

That was a very long-winded way of saying I have been sorting through patterns.

Mostly because I wanted to see what goodies I had to send another sewweeklier. But also for my FESA challenge and because I needed a skirt pattern. Conclusion: I have too many patterns.

I've picked out some interesting patterns from the pattern mountain and been on the pattern wiki to see what I could find out:

This was in the Vogue pattern catalogue in 1962/3 so it is about 50 years old. But a baby compared to:

which is a housecoat pattern from 1947! The envelope has seen better days but then it only just escaped WWII so what do you expect.

I have 2 more older looking patterns, but neither are on pattern wiki.But I have played Sherlock and this "brunchcoat" is dated 1952 (OK, it says so on the packet)

If I can work out how to get it on wiki patterns I will - the site doesn't seem to like my uploads.
Finally, no clue on this Simplicity S 19 pattern, how old do you think it is?


  1. Love ,love those patterns.. Especially the Simplicity 2171. Isn't it amazing, how these patterns [paper] survived all these years? Kenny says, around our house, if it ain't nailed down, Judy will throw it away,ha.
    Have fun with your FESA challenge and pattern swap with Kat too.. Happy sewing.

  2. thanks Judy! Hope you are having fun on FESA too xx

  3. wow, what amazing patterns! New swap coming up is exciting, although I feel guilty that I haven't used all the lovely buttond you sent me. I want them to be on the right outfit!!

  4. Not to worry Charlotte, there's not time limit, I still have ribbon Kat sent me from NZ :)
    Can't wait to see what you do with them when you are ready....
    I am SO excited about our pattern swap, I can't wait to find out who I am sending to so I can see what sort of thing they might like - it is so much fun planning what to send! I may get you again......