Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cape no Fear and a surprising announcement

There is something very appealing about a cape. Sort of matador, sort of hooded claw, or, in this case, sort of picnic blanket. Opps. Not exactly the look I was looking for. However it will be nice to feel I can be of use in an emergency picnic situation, like so:

You will notice how nicely the plaid matches up. This is because I am standing very carefully hiding the piece at the back that doesn't match at all.

Overall, this is a win and I am pleased to have finished it. It's lined, so that was worth doing for the practice and the handholes were made with a welt, another new skill. AND I got to use the blind hem foot on my machine for the first time.

Now for something really new. Usually I sew stuff one thing at a time, my approach to buying fabric is sort of "oooh, pretty, I'll have it" with no thought at all about putting items together. The words capsule wardrobe are anathema to me. So it is with wonder and delight that I reveal: I have made a mood board.

Tah dah!

I made this myself using I collected the pictures on my account as I saw them, but essentially these are RTW items from Anthropologie, Shop Ruche or Monsoon. I have never made a mood board and there are probably courses on how to do this correctly but I'm afraid I just made it up (I am getting very devil may care recently!). OK, the details:

I want to make several items that are useful, Autumn/Winter pieces and that go together (a new concept for me). I am actually thinking this through and resourcing it before I start - also a new thing for me. So, I am going to skip the next two sewweekly challenges to get started. I am instead joining the Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge 2011 and teaming it up with the Fall Essentials Sewalong 2011 at Rhinestones and Telephones.

Colours: I have chosen the colours of the text on the board: navy blue, a dark bottle green, grey and a yellowy mustard accent colour.

I already have the blue velvet needlecord fabric and pattern for a cape style jacket from a reissued 1950 Vogue pattern. The rest of the details are still a little hazy, so I will use the next 2 weeks to think, plan, get stuff together and hopefully get started. Wish me luck!


  1. The cape is fabulous! I love it! That photo of you as the 'emergency' picnic blanket is so adorable..I love the bears peaking out behind you!! Love your mood board!! That green colour is fantastic!

  2. First...congradulations on the cape.I really like it.. [sorry Minnie me..I think its pretty,ha]
    I am sooooo excited that you and Charolette P. are both joining the FESA ..I think it will be so good..because we will be working toward balancing a wardrobe. I really like Sarah too.she is so nice. I think this will be fun.. I havent gotten my mood board done [really not sure how..but I'll get it done,ha] I will post as soon as I get my thoughts and ideas together.I too, am going to spend the next couple weeks organizing and deciding what all I need? And want to make..
    Your board looks great and I love your photos..Looks like fun time.

  3. Okay your a hoot, thanks for the giggle and your cape is fab! I too have joined Fesa and Collettes palette challenge.

    Love the green coat, its quite gorgeous and congrats on your first mood board, it is everything it should be. Looking forward to sewing with you

  4. Tee hee, awesome post! And you've inspired me - I'd decided not to do a mood board but your's is so pretty I've changed my mind. Off to check out pinterest I go!

  5. I think you look great as a pic nic blanket!!
    I am rather envious as there is no way I am going to manage finding pretty pictures and putting them together! Well done you, and yes a cape is on my todo list too.

  6. Wow - thanks guys, that is such a great reaction, I'd have made a mood board before if I had known it would be so well received! Glad I have inspired some more joiners. I can't wait to see what you will come up with!

    PS Charlotte - doing the mood board is super easy (even I did it). I started a account after a discussion about it on TSW and it was SO easy to put the pics together, I feel a bit fraudulent because it looks quite good (I think).

  7. Hi Charolette.
    Happy,happy birthday..
    I got my mood board posted on Flickr.. I used the to make it...thankyou so much for sharing.It was the easiest one, I have come across.
    I am going to post on my blog soon..But, I want to take some time, and see what all I actually need to make, and pick out patterns, fabric ,etc.
    Will watch for your board and ideas to post on flickr..
    Hope your having a good day.. Happy Sewing buddy, Judy