Sunday, 25 September 2011

Move over Kate and Will, here is the wedding of the year

Warning: this post isn't about sewing at all really, but I had such a great day I wanted to share it.

Dan and Gemma got hitched yesterday, the sun shone, the bride looked gorgeous, it was perfect. I wore the first Crepe dress I made, mini-me was a bridesmaid. This is our insurance photo in case of "trouble" later (ie spilt food/drinks, snot etc):

Outside the church afterwards, don't you just love Gemma's 60s hair? She looked a million dollars:

This is my whole family after the service, soppy moment, I love this photograph:

Finally, if you have been following you will have noticed slightly harrassed mentions of me making the wedding cake. Here it is (Gemma finished off the final touches):


  1. A beautiful family, a gorgeous cake and thanks for the " no sewing" warning, but I was not disappointed, no doubt there will be more sewing posts in your future...because fall is not over yet.

  2. hey it all looks great! the cake your outfit, and sounds like you had a good time too. Did you cry, I always cry at weddings!!

  3. Thanks for your comments Lynne and Charlotte - glad my no-sewing post wasn't too annoying ;0)

    We all cried Charlotte because for one of the readings at the church I had to read out something Dan had written for Gemma, even the vicar had a tear! It was lovely though xx

  4. What a beautiful wedding couple.And Minnie me was the most beautiful.. The dress she wore..beautiful..
    Proud to see photo of whole family..Wonderful family.
    The cake turned out fantastic.
    Enjoyed your non sewing blog..