Sunday, 11 September 2011

FESA and a little light reading

This week has been a week of planning and thinking rather than actual doing. And I have been enjoying it so much.... no guilt laziness, hooray. I have been mentally planning my Fall Essentials Sew Along. Once I had my colours and moodboard, I thought I'd select some pattenrs and fabric. I want to make:

A shrug and a dress to go with...

A blue velvet parfait and a vintage cape...
A pencil skirt (Vogue on left) and a jacket - I'm not sure which one yet.

The only problem is my colour palette is not entirely reflected in the fabric ordered so far, which is all blue. Erm....

Other great stuff happening this week: It was my birthday and I got loads of lovely things. You see, I have a wonderful thing called an amazon wishlist. Oh yeah. Since I heard of this I have loved my presents even more - because I have picked them myself.

Here are some of the books I got for my birthday:


Finally, my friend's wedding cake is now marzipanned. You have to do this and let it dry before it is iced. Two weeks until the big day:


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Ooooh! Can't wait to see the blue velvet Parfait! Sounds so lovely! I've just bought some printed cord on sale at SewMamaSew so may need to buy a new pattern...hehe! Like the sound of your wish list, those books look very inspiring!

  2. With all that wonderful new inspiration it may prove difficult to stick with you fesa plan...but I love what your planning. That vintage cape is a favorite of mine, made it for a client once in an amazing boucle wool.
    Glad to hear you had such an inspiring week:)

  3. Thanks guys, there's nothing like a plan .... I know it might be hard to stick with Lynne, if I manage some of it I will be happy, the cape is just lovely, you boucle wool sounds gorgeous.

    Mimi I have realised all the patterns I have made more than once are Colette, actually I got this one because Debi made a great one on sewweekly - did you see it? Looking forward to seeing your cord xx

  4. Happy birthday.... We should try to run a blog birthday list to keep up birthday wishes. I love capes for fall.. What fabric are you thinking ?

  5. Glad you had a good birthday hon! Loving the pattern celection, the cape/ coat really is cool.

  6. Charolette,
    I love your patterns that you chose.. Oh so pretty..
    What wonderful books you got for your birthday.. I bet you have had lots of fun this week..just looking at all them..[my favorite thing to do..sit and look at books/magazines and dream.
    Our coming along great..NO rush.. I love it. Happy sewing from Sewing Maw.