Monday, 5 September 2011

A posse of patterns for Mena's perusal

(Mena has two large 1940s patterns to swap on and I am offering a choice of my small patterns in exchange)

Hello Mena

I wonder if you like any of the early 1950s patterns above? I am publishing the photos to chose from. They are all bust 34 (the Butterick envelope says B32 but Mrs Cook says the pattern is B34).

All of these patterns and more were given to me by a lovely lady called Marjorie Cook who used the patterns in the 50s, they are her own. I have a photo of her in one of the dresses in 1952 (it's on this blog in an early post). I'll be honest, the envelopes are not in good condition. I will check that all the pieces are there before I send any should you choose them and before we finalise a swap.

In fact, I didn't want to sell any of the patterns because Mrs Cook gave them to me so generously, but I am happy to swap if you decide to chose me ;0) I have finally faced up to the fact that I will never be a B34!


  1. Nice collection Charlotte, I love the bottom one! And the sundress at the top


  2. Charolette..what pretty patterns.. I would love,love to be able to wear them ..[but that will NEVER]
    How's your FESA ideas coming along? I am working on mine.. Hope to post pictures to flickr soon.