Monday, 10 January 2011

why I think I should knit more

I thought I would tidy up my crafty things. So I started pairing up needles. And I realised that I have: over sixty pairs of knitting needles, about a dozen crochet hooks, five sets of double ended pins (which I have a vague notion are for sock knitting, for ages I thought it was odd that I had four cable needles the same then I realised they were a set), seven stitch holders, three Tunisian crochet hooks and various other things that I'm not sure what they do but I'm pretty sure it isn't for torture. Could be though.

And I don't really knit.

How did someone who can only knit in a slow and ponderous manner with their tongue poking out get so many needles? Well, I like the idea of knitting and I am what you call keen but rubbish (I was like that at sport at school. No use but there for every practice. My teacher gave me a place on the hockey team because she felt sorry for me.). So I ask alot of questions about knitting. And in the end the people who taught me to knit so inefficiently gave me their needles.

Thank you Aunty Peg.

This is her sometime during WW2 I think. Her hair is amazing. Anyway she doesn't knit now but made me my fair share of home made jumpers in the past, for which I was ungrateful beyond belief of course.

My New Year's Resolution is therefore: to knit more. And sew more. Just for fun. Not to win, or be better, or to become an expert, but because I like it.

So there.

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