Sunday, 16 January 2011

one potato two potato

It's Sunday evening, my little one is in bed and the chores are done - I have even made a little salad to take to work tomorrow, get me and my weird organised ways - but not much time to sew today. I have spent half an hour on the skirt and essentially made the pockets.

Still got crafty today though, we made potato prints and got stuck into two ready made shopping bags:


  1. i realise this is not the point of the blog, but I love that you made a salad for work and were all organised for your week! I think we might have been separated at birth...

  2. Thanks Sarah, my first follower and my first comment too xxx

    Yes, the salad is because I am back at WW for the nth time, I am the proud owner of 4x 10% keyrings but I have never got to goal. Hmmmm


  3. WW rocks! I have been doing it since Sept 09 and have lost 2 stone. That sounds good, but have stuck there since last July... Not far to go, but keep boinging back up and down around the same mark. I do like the new programme, so here's to healthy living! x
    BTW I wish I could sew My Mum is very very small and had to sew to make or alter clothes. (She is about 4 foot tall) (although 4 foot small might be more accurate!) One of her big regrets is that she never taught me or my sister to sew. So I dn't have any even basic sewing skils and the idea of making a skirt seems amazing! Perhaps you will inspire me - there must be classes! Although I had planned to learn Irish this year... One new skill at a time perhaps

  4. Go for it! Although I can't really sew, I am teaching myself out of the collection of books I am acquiring. I have made a couple of skirts and one of them is even wearable, so I am v proud. I taught myself to crochet a couple of years ago and I am a very slow and mediocre knitter. The trouble is I just dabble and don't try hard enough at one of them.

    I have the opposite problem to your mum, I am too large really. Most vintage patterns only go to a 36 inch bust, which wouldn't fit my ample bosom ever ever. I need to do a FBA (full bust adjustment) on patterns or so I am told!

    Perhaps if I tried harder at ww, I agree I like the new system, I think I must try harder, this year I will be thin (ha ha), brilliant on the two stone, that is exceptional, well done you xx