Saturday, 15 January 2011

put your money where your mouth is

Started sewing the Kasia skirt as promised. I had already downloaded and cut out the pattern, and all the pieces. I am not using retro material (shame!) but something I got when I first bought the sewing machine a couple of years ago in a mad fit of keenness.

And this is how far I got after just over an hour:

I've stopped there for the evening as I don't want to get sewing fatigue and start messing up.

But to prove I do actually finish stuff and not just procrastinate madly, here is the heart I made for my lovely friend Gemma and her fella Dan, who are getting married this year and having a homemade, vintage themed wedding:

Gemma and I went on a charity shop trawl today and I got a fab McCall's Sewing Book from 1963 for a quid, I already have a fave page (which gives some much needed advice on how to do an FBA).

I also snagged a great coat, not old sadly but a very nice, retro look:

My husband only had one comment: it smells of charity shops.... I think a trip to the dry cleaners is needed ;0)

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