Tuesday, 11 January 2011

knitting ain't what it used to be

I was so envious of my mother-in-law's vintage knitting book that I bought my own copy on ebay. (I hinted and hinted but the old bat wouldn't hand it over.) Her book was my father-in-law's aunt's from about 1940. My copy isn't in quite as good shape but only cost a few quid and is now in my hot little hands.

So, what  to sew? I would ask what to knit but it's not a pun.

I am quite tempted by this hat but can't imagine when or how I would ever wear it. I am very tempted by the wooly French knickers. Wouldn't anybody be?

Perhaps I ought to buy some wool. I have a small stash but if I want to try vintage knitting DK just won't cut it. More thought required.

For some reason I am drawn to socks. I mentioned this to Aunty Peg on the phone and she thinks I am bonkers. She has pointed out that socks are really cheap and readily available. I pointed out that she is missing the point, it's for the experience and fun of it that I want to knit socks. In the forties she knitted socks because she needed socks.

I mentioned it to my mother too and she shares Aunty Peg's view on socks. I asked if she could knit socks and she answered "of course" as though I were simple. Perhaps I am. I have concluded from these conversations that:

1. People who can knit socks don't want to knit socks because they had to knit socks or go without socks.
2. I, who has plenty of socks, can't knit socksbut really want to knit socks.
3. I must be bonkers, the Pegster is right.

Final sock thoughts: the vintage socks look difficult, the book has 3 different ways of doing a heel.

Maybe I'll start with a doll's scarf and work up.

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