Monday, 23 April 2012


My newest knitting project is a cardigan. Sort of newest, it has been at the front of the queue for months. The yarn was bought ages ago. I think I have had stagefright ever since. You see, the yarn is Rowan and so costs a blimmin fortune. Now I have conquered short rows I have no excuse.

I have knitted the tension square:

I must be serious because I wouldn't usually bother. However as I have only made dolls' clothes, baby clothes and scarves in the last 20 years I though I'd better try to get it right before I spend months knitting the thing.

The tension is right, so I'm off! I don't think it will be ready for MMM '12, somehow. I still haven't signed up.....


  1. This will be beautiful.. Can't wait to see it.. Love the blue color.. fantastic..Good luck..

  2. Gorgeous colour and pattern - I can see it looking fabulous on you when it's done. :-)

  3. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your support xx