Thursday, 5 April 2012

Passing on skills

Looking after a friend's kids today. Turned out to be loads of fun and we passed a couple of hours knitting. I had a good student !


  1. thats lovely.. so important to see young generation interested on learning traditional skills

  2. Love to work with kids , much fun. Proud you had fun..
    Cindy had teachers meetings to day..School was out, so Emily and Callie stayed with us.. We had a fun day too..The 3 of us decided to play freeze tag[my first time to play this kind of chase]. They almost killed It was really cute.. I heard Emily whispering to Callie, "Maw can't run very well, so don't run to fast. let her catch you"..ha

    1. tee hee you are soooooo funny, isn't Emily sweet? What a brave Maw playing tag.... that has given me a good laugh

    2. Hey Charlotte, when Emily and I make our visit to UK.. To visit my sweet friend Charlotte.Just think of the laughs you will get..hahaha
      [wish you could have seen fat ole maw trying to run..Kenny really got a good laugh at me..At one point, he was laughing so hard, Callie told him, "Papa
      don't you laugh at Maw, that is not nice!" [But then she turns her head to him, and giggles.] teehee