Monday, 2 April 2012

First you gotta speed it up, then you gotta slow it down....

If last year was all about meeting deadlines and challenges then this year is all about getting it right and taking my time. So I have made a not-wearable muslin (my sewing teacher calls it a toile - no idea why not a muslin) out of an old sheet to try to get the fit right before I make the dress. So far I have spent about 8 hours on this project - anyone recognise the pattern???? The dress is nearly finished.... I have added quite a bit to the length and done some "full bust" type adjusting to stop the inevitable gaping. Fingers crossed!

Other recent crafting, I took the idea seen here to make some magnetic dolls to put in my little girl's party bags after her 4th birthday. Sadly I couldn't find tins so I made little bags to keep them together for the fridge.

Finally, this isn't crafting but my girl looks like such a sweet vintage bathing beauty I have to share:

See you soon xxx


  1. your colette dress will look great.. I haven't even manage to go through the book with so much deadlines. Lovely seeing an update of what you been up too.
    Mia is always a darling!

    Ps. We need to arrange a meet up.

  2. hello stranger. Hope you're enjoying the easter holls. Loving the toile!! I do love this dress although haven't got round to making it myself yet, only buying patterns and not making much. Hope it fits well, what will the final dress fabric be??
    PS Mia looks so sweet!

  3. Toile sounds so sophisticated, I need to incorporate it into my vocabulary! I too have slowed down, I believe I am in reverse! Love all the things you are doing and Mia looks adorable!

  4. Hi Charlotte,
    The truffle dress is going to be wonderful. I can't wait to see how your real dress looks.. I am thinking about doing it too, but adding sleeves????? [I have sooooooooo many ideas..but not enough time to do it all,ha]
    Mia [the vintage bathing beauty] is absolutely Beautiful!!!! Love that hat.. and she always has the sweetest grin on her face. SO sweet ,just like her mama.
    Enjoy your holiday.. and Happy sewing. Hugs!!

  5. Thanks all, it is so great to see comments from the "old gang"! I like the new sewweekly but I miss the "good old days".
    Rachel - yes please, a meet up is a fab idea....
    Charlotte - I am using a fabric I bought in London at the meet up last year! It's nearly finished so I hope photos soon
    Cathe - I always think of you when trying to make the inside of my work tidy, have you made anything recently?
    Judy - sleeves are a great idea, what sort were you thinking?

    1. Charlotte, I miss the old sew weekly too... I am not sure about the sleeves??? just floating the idea around in my head..I have too old/ugly arms to wear sleeveless.ha

    2. Just between you and me, my arms are not pretty, I am intending to wear a pretty shrug or cardigan.... x