Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Shhhhh! I'm reading....

......and planning and plotting and getting excited again. First some lovely sewing friends responded to yesterday's blog post in such a supportive and kind way with great suggestions.

Then guess what the postie brought me today?

Yep - another sewing book! And one I have been waiting for with enormous anticipation:

I am thrilled. So excuse me, I have reading to do.......


  1. Yipppeeee! I still need to order mine!!! Happy Reading!

  2. Looking foward for a book review on this one.

  3. I'm counting on your thoughts, I'm thinking of putting it on the xmas list. To be honest I really don't need any more books but I just can't help myself!!!!

  4. I love getting sewing related items in the mail, especially sewing books. I just ordered one, nothing brand new or anything, and I am looking forward to its arrival and hoping it will inject some inspiration into my heart. Let us know how you like this book.

  5. So proud you got your colette book. I love it. I have not made anything yet.. But have really enjoyed reading it and looking at the pictures.
    Hope everyone is quiet and lets you read and enjoy..
    Happy reading.

  6. Thanks guys! Buy this book now, it's fab.

    Judy will back me up! What will you make first Judy?????