Thursday, 24 November 2011

I made bias tape! And I didn't have adult supervision....

I want to make a rouleau pocket to go on a skirt I am making. I saw the idea here on the Colette Patterns website and fell in lust immediately. But it requires bias tape which I normally just buy but because I want to match the pocket to the lining I decided to make it.

I used a tutorial in the Colette Sewing Pattern book. Here's my square of fabric, in this case Amy Butler quilting cotton:

And here's the bias tape pinned into the shape I want the pocket to be:


  1. oh you are so clever!! I tried it once but I think I was in to much of a rush and it all went very wrong (I'm not to good with the straight lines). This looks very impressive, I'm guessing your still in love with the colette book.

  2. How cool! Your pocket is going to look fab when you are finished. I love making my own bias tape, you can choose whatever fabric you want and you also have the matchy thing going on too (I don't think it helps that the only bias tape my fabric shop had when I started sewing was a itchy and scratchy material)

  3. Charolette, I just love this pocket.Bet this will be so pretty..
    I too ,just learned to make my own bias tape..Isnt it fun? I love being able to match it to whatever I
    Happy sewing.