Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It's not you it's me

OK, I have a confession. I'll say it quietly: I'm not that inspired by the new Burdastyle Sewing Handbook. It's lovely, well set out, lots of ideas, pretty things and beautiful pictures. But I can't think what I would make out of it.

More confession: I am having a bit of a dry sewing spell. I have also not managed to join in a couple of sewweekly.com themes: orange (I did look through my entire stash and I discovered that I have no orange fabric. Maybe I have an aversion.) and pin-up. I didn't join in pin-up on the grounds I thought I'd look like a big wally.

So Burdastyle Sewing Handbook the conclusion is: it's not you it's me.

Sewing classes continue and I think I know why I am having difficulty committing to new projects. My sewing teacher Kate, the most patient and optimistic woman alive, convinced me I could handle a Vogue AVERAGE pattern. Just by the iron on a pin-board there was a pic of a jacket I really liked. After weeks of looking at it I bought the pattern and some rather nice fabric (note: FESA colours):

Only now I have pattern fear. Since I started the jacket I have wasted one two hour session of sewing class copying the pattern. The following week I continued dithering and basically spent the whole time drinking coffee and looking through pattern books. Tonight I have actually started a muslin (Kate calls it a toile) so we do have progress! I am feeling alot more positive and feel like I might be able to handle it after all.

The next challenges are up on sewweekly and I can feel my brain getting back in sewing mode..... maybe I'll flick through that Burdastyle book one more time.....


  1. Don't worry. That the good thing about sewing.. You get to be peaky and only do if you are really inspired. Don't let the average scare you. You got Kate to show you the way and us... Xx

  2. You can do it, you can do it! I am just beginning a Claire Schaffer Vogue pattern myself, the jacket with the collar and three buttons and princess seasms, just cut out my muslin (toile) as well. I have tailored a jacket once before and it was so much fun I got hooked, so I bought . I will admit though I do have more apprehension about this project because the directions are so in depth and intense but we CAN do it. I look forward to following your progress.

  3. I really love that Claire Shaffer pattern! It's such a classy jacket! And my motto--only sew things you are inspired by!!!!

  4. 1. you can do it, I am sure of it,but maybe you don't need to just yet.
    2. when I am having a dry spell, do something else, or choose a super super easy pattern (thinking of SW) even a pattern you have done before and make a it. It will make you feel like you have achieved!
    3. I do like the book, but I am a girl that just loves to look at the pictures!!
    4. Keep smiling hon.

  5. Jump in at the deep end Charlotte! Think of how proud you will be once you've finished it! (I'll let you in on a secret - I've not got the book because I've not been inspired by it yet, it might creep into my library at some point when someone makes something I love, but for now I'm a bit Meh! about it)

  6. You girls are the best. Your comments mean so much to me, thank you so much for your support... I was a bit overwhelmed actually when I read these comments, I am getting myself a sew grateful button from Debi's blog - as that's what I am.
    Good suggestions too xx
    I have a big smile back ;0)

  7. I wondered what had happened to you - I felt the same when I came back from holiday. I was so behind and just felt so relaxed. But I got going again and now want to finish the year off, being so nearly there. I'm not getting the Burda book yet either - there doesn't look to be anything that inspiring in there to me either - all a bit basic... Anyway, look forward to seeing your jacket!

  8. Hi Charlotte, missing you. Hope you are progressing with making that fabulous jacket! Guess what i have nothing purple in my stash! I nearly bought a bit of purple ikat for $5 at the op shop today, but I loathe purple so I couldn't bring myself to do it! Might sit that one out. Had a stab at a Burda pattern today, cut every piece out on the wrong grain, had to rip the side seam open to get it on. Gut busting out all over the place - I will never get that two hours back will I? B*m, Never mind, kisses, Trish

  9. Hey Sweet Charolette,
    Sorry the Burda book ,hasn't inspired you. I didnt buy it, and I too have saw nothing yet, that makes me want it..[so your not by yourself]
    the jacket looks fantastic. Know you will love it.
    Just do what you want to do... and as for the sw challenges.. Jump in and do what you like, and dont try to do things that you dont. I have not done the last few either [I DEFINITELY wasnt doing the pin up [can you imagine old maw in a pin up,hahahhaha]. And I didnt have a burda book, so that one was out.. And right now, I am making Christams dresses for grandaughters.. So, I will get back in to the swing of things soon.
    Happy sewing........and Enjoy yourself.. Thats what is fun about sewing..

    ps But I must confess........I REALLY was looking forward to your pin up pose.. Considering you were practicing it.hee hee!!!![rolling laughing here in Ms]