Monday, 2 May 2011

Oh no! Low sew mojo blow

I have taken a little time away from the challenges for sewweekly recently. I have been away a bit and so no machine but also I have hit a bit of a brick wall making a special outfit for a meet I have coming up... so I thought a bit of time off might help...

So, time to smell the flowers - look at this clematis growing on my cottage:

See the ducklings on the village pond:

and bake cookies with Miss Mia:

As far as the sewing goes, this is what I have made so far at dressmaking class:

Yep, ill fitting muslins. I am planning to get back onto the sewweekly challenges this week, here's a clue:

1 comment:

  1. can not wait to see that made up, the book just looks adorable. Hope your ok hon, you are being missed by me!!! Hope your out fit for Sat SW is going ok, just remember it's just one day not the end of the world so don't put to much pressure on yourself! x x x