Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Beginner sewalong, yes please!

I heard about this sewalong at a fashionable stitch, using the brand new Ginger skirt pattern from Colette patterns.

I have started to see the two new patterns from Colette on sewweekly.com, as well as the Ginger skirt, a lovely blouse pattern called Violet. Pattern envy! So, dear reader, I bought them.

Here's what the postie brought today all the way from America:

Gorgeous, n'est-ce pas?

The sewalong started yesterday, but is at quite a sedate pace (beginner! hooray!) so I am not behind. All we have had to do so far is pick fabric - a medium weight one.

I can't buy any more fabric after the weekend's splurge, so I am thinking of these curtains:

I also need a zip - 9". I have one of 7", one of 13" and one of 20". Sausages.

The middle one will have to do. Still not sure about the fabric, more thought required.


  1. You are so good, I love your fabric choice. This is the hardest part for me, still can't decide!

  2. That fabric is gorgeous! You should so try using it - I bet it would look lovely made up as a skirt. :-)

  3. Charolette,
    I too joined the ginger skirt sew along.It will be fun..and it looks really simple and I think a good garment to wear..
    I have made the violet blouse twice already..oh..it is the most wonderful blouse ,I have ever made.you will love it.. not only is it easy..but it is so comfortable.
    I love the curtain fabric you posted for the skirt.. would be beautiful... cant wait to see what you choose?
    I cant decide between a solid red or a blue and white floral denim.. I like them both..oooh decisions..Ha.
    Happy Sewing.

  4. Hi Charolette..
    How is your ginger coming along??? Have you finished it yet?? What fabric did you choose. I love the pink fabric ..so pretty..
    I ended up doing the solid red for a muslin..but it was wearable.. Now. I am working on the blue floral. They are really quite comfortable for everyday wearing..
    Hope you have a good day.. Happy Sewing.