Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Off piste

The last three weeks I have not done any sewweekly challenges because I have been working on the dress I wore last Saturday for the London meet up. This week is red, white and blue week on so I have already made that one! I am a week ahead!

Therefore I have decided to go off piste. I need some plainish tops to wear almost anywhere, go with anything. This evening I have cut out my first jersey material, in plain black. I'm making view B, bottom right.

Plus, I have had another (yeah, yeah, I know) pattern splurge on to get this pattern:

I want this so that I can join in Stevie's sewalong in June. What fun!


  1. AWESOME patterns! Can't wait to see the blouse! Black will be super versatile!!

  2. very very lovely, top one is my fav! what fabric will you use?

  3. I just love this pattern.I bought it too.. I have bought the 4 lissette that they have out. I love them.They fit so well..very little working on the patterns.yea..
    Charolette, You know I'm dumb...but your my teahcer and I am dying to know..'What is off piste?' [Hate to say it..but it sounds like a kinda not nice word, I say..when I get mad.hahahha.
    Love your pattern for your black blouse,anxious to see it.. Happy Sewing.