Monday, 14 February 2011

Say it with flowers

My Valentine's dress is a work in progress, the romance of it - tonight I have been to a Parish Council meeting and sewn for an hour. Better spend some quality (street) time with hubbie eating the Valentine's spoils. Until the dress is ready, here's a peek at the pattern:

The pictures I like.... hope I can mange something close. Fingers crossed.


  1. Hi Charolette,
    Oh, I am so sorry you are feeling discouraged. Please dont. YOur blouse was beautiful and I promise, It looked really pretty on you.[Believe me, we are always our own worse critic.].
    When I first started sewing, You should have seen my fist few dresses.[so bad, I had to throw them away,ha].. I promise, it gets better and better.
    I went to day and bought some fabric for my crepe dress pattern. I am fixing to start on mine...If I can help you ,in any way.Please email.I will be glad to help..
    Dont be discouraged. Just do little things and have fun. Freinds,Judy

  2. Thanks Judy, your post is so kind and thoughtful - I so appreciate it. I am very lucky to have such support in my efforts! I am really going to try to finish the dress tonight once my little girl is in bed. I may well message you, I am having a problem that I think is caused by my inability to get the tension right on my machine.... I am looking forward to seeing your dress too - what pattern are you doing? Thanks again, Cx