Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I made a skirt!

I have actually finished something so I can hold my head high again. I have semi-abandoned the ghastly skirt I have been working on. I think my sewing machine hated it - threads kept breaking, skipping stiches etc etc even after I cleaned it and messed with the tension. The vibes were all wrong.

So I thought I'd try the sewweekly.com challenge instead - Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - make something inspired by something on sale at the moment. So I went straight to the Monsoon website and looked at the skirts, I always love them. I found this:
Which was £65. Hysterical laughter.

Anyway, I have made this:

I liked the two rows of ribbon down the Monsoon skirt and I was going to do the same but I didn't have enough of the ribbon. And I had to change the placement anyway to avoid the birds.

I'm really pleased with it though.

Pattern: Modern I'm afraid, Amy Butler's Barcelona (but I needed something easy because I really really had to finish something or stop pretending I could sew, even a little)
Material: a vintage 50s furnishing fabric, £15ish, ebay
Lining: the lining off one of a set of 6 curtains I bought at a jumble sale for £1, so about 10p worth
Ribbon: about 50p in the John Lewis sale
Zip: 10p in a Red Cross charity shop (vintage too!)

Total: less than £16. Time taken: 2.5 hours

I am thrilled!

And here is a terrible photo of me wearing it:

I would have asked Carl to take the photo but he is watching a gangster thing on a "new" channel called "Atlantic". I went down to show him the skirt and he did pause it to look so I should be pleased!

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