Saturday, 5 February 2011

Keep calm and carry on

What a day! Lovely Marjorie from freecycle emailed me to ask if I would like some old patterns "I found in my shed". She says she no longer sews and would be glad if Icould use them. I  am completely overwhelmed, this is what she has given me:

Anyway, not sure that's all of them (I am doing this on a tiny weeny netbook, plus after a glass of vino, not really sure what day it is) but you get the idea. Plus she gave me a dressmaker's ruler that had been her sister's.

The only problem now is I have no idea where to start! The patterns all date between 1952 (Coronation year, Marjorie says she went on holiday that year and had a dress from the earliest pattern for it.) and 1971, decimalisation. Actually looking at the styles most look 50s and 60s.

Plus alot of them would make clothes too small for me so need adjustment.... but the patterns are fab-u-lous!

I love it! x

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  1. Charolette, the patterns are beautiful.. I know you must be overwhelmed.. What a sweet nice lady.. Happy Sewing,Judy