Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It paint over till it's over

Having learnt that aprons are super easy to make, I am intending to make some for Mothers' Day on 3rd April, customised of course by Miss Mia. I have cut apron front out of cheap fabric and we are using fabric paint to print onto them. Here is the progress so far:

We did make some potato prints but Mia decided she had her own printing tools ready made. My mother, the ma-in-law and Aunty Peg will be getting these when they are finished.

I am also preparing for next week's sewweekly challenge. We already know what it is because we are making a Colette pattern and we were told early so we could buy a pattern if necessary. As I already have the Crepe dress pattern I am going for that one again, this time using some curtains I got at a jumble sale last year for £1, plus I will make a sash in a contrast colour (a valance sheet that I bought for £1 last weekend in a charity shop). Here are my fabrics:

I'm getting in the mood for spring!

If I don't have time to make the dress, there is an alternative, Colette has a pattern on their website that is free to download:

Hope I don't end up modelling my own pair of these!

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