Friday, 27 July 2012

Mass cast on

I am casting on at 9pm to celebrate the Olympics - I will try to finish the project during the Games.... I have joined Team Colette on - to be honest the team is a bit on the small side just now. OK, so there are 2 of us. Small, but perfectly formed.

I will hopefully make Mia a top:

I like green but Mia LOVES pink in the way only small girls can, so I will be using:

Hope you can join us but if not, enjoy the Olympics wherever you are x


  1. Love this idea but already have a sweater on the needles so I will follow your progress closely. Cute sweater=lucky girl:)

  2. What a cute sweater... Love the green too.. But I just bet Mia wins and it will be [ I have 4 grandaughters and everyone of them.. went through the pink stage.]teehee.
    Enjoy the Olympics..