Monday, 29 August 2011

Sumer holiday

I have just returned from a week away. Not being beachy hot weather types, we went on a staycation to the Midlands. Actually alot nicer than it sounds. Here is Mia and I in front of our holiday cottage:

OK, so it's Eastnor Castle. Our cottage was very similar though.

Before I went I started my friend's wedding cake at last. Here is my helper just helping with the final touches:

While I was away I did nothing sewing related, I looked in about a hundred second hand shops for sewing related things but no luck. We did manage a visit to a recreated medieval village built on the foundations of the original village, I liked the applique on this blanket in one of the houses but I have no idea how authentic it is:

There was also a loom to show one of the women's main occupations:

My vintage sewing will definitely not be going that far back! I did dabble in a little crochet while I was away from my shiny new sewing machine:

A very little crochet, I think you'll agree.

Finally, news, I missed 1970s week, but was quite glad because my "ample figure" doesn't do the 70s very well, however this week I have returned to find we are doing plaid. I have some tartan in my stash, by accident, as I am scared of it now I know you are supposed to match it up. That all sounds very complicated. Anyway here is the fabric:

The one on the right was an accidental ebay panic buy - it sort of feels like that ribbon you get round flowers from the florist. I am not sure about it at all. The other piece is a thick wool, sort of blanket like. A kind lady gave it to me and I had forgotten I had it (surprisingly as it is so bright it would stop traffic). I am going to have a go at doing something with it.......

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  1. Good Luck Lovely! Your staycation looked like fun, I havent finished any sewing for over a month! Shameful. Thinking about it I could have done 70s with that dress pattern I won at the sew weekly meetup. Doh never mind!