Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Project Runway

Project Runway is ace: it's official. I must admit, I never knew. (Project Catwalk, the UK version, is dire apparently. This is not a surprise. I haven't seen it but I can imagine.) Project Runway (US version) has just started series 9. Yes, 9! So I have loads to catch up on..... I was put onto it by the lovely sewweekly girls, a step ahead, as per usual. Here is Mia doing our own Project Runway challenge (lolly stick dolls, felt clothes, a freebie from the always popular Charlie and Lola magazine - ever popular in our house anyway!).

And a free extra, the ladybirds - ladybugs for Judy ;0) - seem to be swarming. I have never seen this before ...


  1. Cute photos of Mia!!! Where can you watch the Project Runway series in the UK? I'd love to finally watch it this season!!

  2. Haha, Project Catwalk is dire in comparison to Project Runway :) All of the series are fab! Mini me is so cute :)

  3. It is these moments that I wished I had a TV!!! You tube downloads just aren't the same.
    Hope your having a good summer holls. x x x

  4. Charolette... Minnie me is adorable.. Pretty as her mom..Love the swarming lady bugs..
    I watched project runway for the first time last week.I am hooked!!! Cant wait for Thursday night.ha.
    Happy sewing and congradulations on your new sewing machine.