Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hardee ha ha

Tidying up this afternoon I came accross a Fat Quarter I had been intending to use.

It's an Alexander Henry print and was very quick to knock out a little doll with Mini-me, she chose the two figures she liked best, we sewed them together and stuffed them:

A fine game! Mia called the doll "Ardee" or "Hardee". I have no idea why....


  1. very cute! what a yummy myummy you are.

  2. Oh how pretty..
    Minni Me.. I love your new doll that you and Mommy made.. Bet it is fun to play with.

    Charolette, How are you doing?? Know your looking forward to school vaccation. Cindy is totally proud to be out. I think she is already starting to dread going back and she still has a month to go.ha..[and she loves teaching...but is always ready for vaccation].
    Are you sewing?? Havent seen you lately..Just wanted to check and be sure you were alright..
    My sewing has been kinda slack..The challenges just havent suited anything that I have or need? So.. I have passed alot up..
    Have a great day. Judy