Saturday, 18 June 2011

Challenged by the sewweekly challenge?

I am a bit stumped by the challenges at the moment, ideas rich, time poor. I really wanted to make the perfect summer dress a couple of weeks ago, I have this spectacular pattern I wanted to use:

I like view B, on the right. I have traced the pattern. Originally I was going to use this pattern with some fabric I got on Goldhwk Road in London at the sewweekly meet and cream rickrack;

But then time moved on and the challenge came up to do something black and white with a hat, like the races in My fair Lady. So I thought I would do the dress in white eyelet and blck rickrack. I have even made a fascinator:

But, as I pinned the pattern pieces to the white material, my heart wasn't in it. White is so not my colour - I even wore gold on my wedding day because white made me look ill. Plus, I have promised myself I will make stuff I can wear, not just hurry through the challenges for the sake of it. So I have gone back to the perfect summer dress, and the flowery material. Hope it turns out well!

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  1. Charlolette,
    I too am trying to focus on making things I will wear..not just do it for a challenge and chunk it. And also..trying to sew things I have already.. If not get into ..just getting a challenge done..
    I love,love the floral fabric.Cant wait to see it.. It is so pretty and I love,love the colors. the pattern is so pretty too..
    Hope you enjoy the sewing. Judy
    your ginger skirt is pretty too.. Do you just love the fit of it?? best skirt pattern I own.. well worth the money..