Wednesday, 6 April 2011

stick pins in me

Mena has come up with another great idea on TSW: an adorable pin cushion easy no-sew make. Instructions here... have fun

I will add it to my to do list but first is really a great pin board for storing brooches, instructions here...

Recent additions to the to do list:

Shameful pattern splurging but I just couldn't resist....


  1. never shameful only inevtiable but lovely loking patterns. x x x

  2. Everyone's getting new patterns, I feel I may need to treat myself! Here's something for you:

  3. hi I have also nominated you for the blog award along with Mimi, it maybe better to follow her links as I am very confused and don't know what I'm doing. well done

  4. Thanks Mimi and Charlotte - you are very kind - I will put it on my blog tomorrow, what a great return from hols pressie x