Friday, 15 April 2011

nothing for ages and then several buses at once

So, I go off on an Internetless holiday (I know, hard to believe) for one week. I have no sewing machine either, so no net and no sewing.... omg.
Bus number one:
I spend all week wondering what my lovely sewweekly friends have been making and wishing I could join in. Then, when I get back, I find I have won a pin cushion on the sewweekly main site, I have received a lovely, thoughtful envelope from the other side of the world:

Kat has sent me delicious lace and ribbon, shell buttons from New Zealand and a super sweet "Heart's Cottage" buckle. There is lace (two types! really pretty!), spotty ribbon (spots! green!), NZ inspired shell buttons and two really lovely vintage covered buttons. I am thrilled. Now, what to do with it......

Bus number two:
I am delighted to have been nominated for a stylish blogger award - thanks Deb xx... I was going to write more about it but I have just got back from hols - a week in Wales with Aunty Peg and my mini-me - and my hubbie will be home from work in 10 minutes. As I haven't seen him for 6 days I have a feeling I ought to step away from the netbook...

Bus number 3 and holiday finds to be added tomorrow....

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  1. hopr you had a lovely holiday, so glad your back. Your envelope of goodies look lovely. My envelope was just lovely too, thankyou. x x x