Sunday, 17 April 2011

Shamelessly plundering Aunty Peg's "vintage wardrobe"

Just returned from a lovely holiday in Wales with mini-me and my Aunty Peg (nearly 90 but still as sharp as a tack). Anyway, we went shopping in Narbeth, which I love, and I found a fabulous shop called (aptly) Giddy Aunt. It was fabulous. I got some great lace, ric rac and broderie anglaise there but no pic because I am keeping some of it in case we have another sewweekly notions swap..... anyway the Giddy Aunt lady had made a great tea dress from a Thunderbirds duvet cover, so I went back to the charity shop and picked these up:

Yep, Teletubbies!

Then, when I dropped my Aunt at home, I filled the car with some of her old things she had looked out for me:

a wool suit she was given some time in the sixties...

a reversible duffel coat she wore riding her scooter with Uncle Bill in the 50s....

a pink dress she wore to a couple of weddings in the 60s

some gloves

some beads

and finally my favourite...

the photo makes it look rubbish but it is a dress and coat set bought for a wedding in the late 60s. It is just lovely: fully lined of course.

She also gave me a really cool 1970s sheepskin coat that had belonged to my grandfather (who died in 1978). Hubbie is going to wear it - he looks like a 1970s football manager in it, or a dodgy racegoer.

 Thanks Aunty Peg xxx


  1. wow, how kind of your auntie. Lucky you!

  2. Looks like you had a great holiday Charlotte - I love that pink dress!

  3. thanks girls, just a few stone to lose and I might fit in the dress, tee hee

  4. Oh my holy Hannah!! Aunty Peg is one stylish lady!! I am going mad for the beads (you know my great love of costume jewellery), the pink dress, and the divine gloves!!

    Is Aunty Peg looking to adopt another niece? *wink wink*

  5. I am so jealous - and what a very special aunt to share these treasures with you. I love that these great outfits are getting another life - enjoy wearing them (or even just looking at them).