Sunday, 29 January 2012

Stuck - here's a poser for you....

I have got stuck on a sewweekly challenge. Here are the 12 covered buttons I have made for the project. This pattern just will not come together - I even sewed it together wrong and spent an hour of my last sewing lesson unpicking it. *looks sad*

Still, it is looking good and I'm hoping to put it into the UFO challenge in a couple of weeks....

Can anyone guess what pattern I am making????


  1. Hmm, 12 buttons? I'm going to say you're making the Colette Beignet skirt! :) Good luck with whatever it is! I have yet to contribute to a SW challenge this year...

  2. You win! A Beignet it is! Well spotted Amanda... but it is taking much longer than I thought ......

  3. I was guessing the beignet too.. Then when I went to comments ,you told it,ha..
    I have this pattern too.Havent done it yet.. Is it difficult?? Looking forward to seeing yours.
    Happy sewing..

  4. Hi is that skirt coming along?? Miss hearing from you my sewing buddy..Hope all is well with you and family..

  5. Hello sewing maw - I have finished my skirt! Thanks for your messages, thinking of you and Kenny x