Sunday, 16 October 2011

To dye for

Once upon a time I bought myself a pair of light green cords. They were very comfortable. But light green? What was I thinking? And with age they only got lighter. So although I love cords they never got as much wear as they should because of the odd colour. This is the cords in the washing basket just before the washing machine dye treatment that I thought might cure them....

As you can see they are an unappealing sludgy colour. The white thing is a thin top belonging to a friend, she had stained it so I offered to bung it in with the dye to try to make it wearable again.

I have never used machine dye before and it is super easy... no mess either.

Here is the top and the jeans on the line afterwards:

Yes, now navy. The only thing is that poyester cotton and zips don't take the dye, but I am claiming that the contrasting thread is a design feature. I'm really pleased, actually the blue is much deeper in real life.

Non-sewing news, Carl and Mia harvested our sweetcorn crop. She is holding it. Yes, one very small cob. That's it. I don't think our local supermarket need worry about our lack of custom this winter, just well we don't have to live off our produce.....


  1. congrats on your dye project. Dying is a fun adventure don't you think?

    Your darling daughter looks quite proud of her accomplishment all the same. My daughter and I have found memories of our garden when she was young, so keep up the hard work, it reaps large dividends, even if its not in actual produce:)

  2. Hi Charolette,
    Wow.. How pretty.. and what a great idea.. Love the blue.. Now you will get lots of wear from them. I just got through pulling out winter/fall clothes and put a pair of pants in the donate pile, for the same reason.I am heading to get them out.. I have never dyed before..but fixing to try..Thanks for sharing.

    Now Mia looks really happy over her corn crop.. So.. that makes all the work worth it..[I think??ha].. We had a butterbean crop like that..Beautiful green vines with NO produce..Maybe better time next
    Happy sewing/dying clothes..from your sewing maw.

  3. Thanks both - luckily the tomatoes in the conservatory were alot better crop-wise.

    The dyeing thing is really good, it's like having new jeans!