Friday, 28 October 2011

This Colette pattern is a real treat, no tricks here

About 6 or 7 years ago, when I didn't have a rugrat to keep me busy, I used to watch a dreadful tv programme called "Celebrity Fit Club". In it, overweight "celebrities" were humiliated into losing weight and made to weigh in each week wearing the same outfit they first started in. Anyway, one of them, whose name and identity completely escapes me (I didn't know who she was then either, but I know one thing, she wasn't very fat), weighed in each week in a dress that had me drooling. I just loved it. In the end I sent a begging email to the tv company asking where she got it. I expected no reply - after all, it was a bit weirdly stalky to send emails asking about the clothes of this contestant. Amazingly, someone nice from wardrobe let me know that the dress was available from a Brighton boutique called Get Cutie. This was the dress I fell in love with:

The dress is still available now from their shop. It costs £130. At the time I didn't have £130 to spend on a dress, I didn't have a sewing machine, I didn't have the skills to make a dress and it didn't even cross my mind that I might one day.

Fast forward about six years to May this year. The dress was forgotten. (Just as well because although I probably have £130 squirrelled away if I spent it on a dress Mr T would do his nut. Just like a squirrel, lol) But I went on a lovely meet up and fabric shopping expedition in London with girls from and saw a similar fabric I liked. I bought enough for a dress. I took it home. Stashed it. Until..... the Hallowe'en challenge this week on sewweekly! (to be honest I forgot about it again until now - it must be my age)

I chose this pattern, recently acquired and winking at me seductively from my sewing table

It's one of three new patterns available from

So I made my dress, six years later. My lovely friend Gemma was a good enough sport to take some photos outside the 14th century church in my village. Even though it was a bit embarrassing.

Stuff I like about this dress:
The pattern is super easy. It took me about 6 hours including tracing the pattern, cutting out etc etc. I made it mostly at my sewing class although I didn't need any help - it is such an easy and clear pattern. I even made piping and put it around the neck and waist:

Stuff I will do differently next time:
I may go a size down on the bodice but do an FBA. I'll stick to the same size skirt. There will be a next time, I love this pattern.

Happy Hallowe'en!


  1. What a wonderful dress! Love it! :-)

    Are the skulls and roses a subtle return to some of your Gothic days? ;-)

  2. LOVE the dress! And those photos are AWESOME! Perfectly suiting the fabric :) So great to see this pattern made up too!! Guess what I'm working on at the moment (it also relates to the Sew Weekly meet-up?) It's one of your patterns that I grabbed in the pattern swap! YAY!

  3. I love everything about this dress! You've made me a bigger fan of Peony! And in skull fabric, fantastic!

  4. Oh this is so pretty.. I never dreamed that Peony would be soooo cute. Great job. and I am so happy that you recieved your "6yr wanted dress".. and made it your self!!! Congradulations..
    The pictures are so good.. Great photo shoot, and great idea for the place.. loved it..Happy sewing.

  5. hey this is so great!! Well done you. x x x

  6. Thanks everyone, this was so fun... everyone should make a Peony!

    @Debi - I cannot wait to see what you are doing for next week, how exciting

    @Kat - not that subtle, I wish I had some DMs ;0)