Monday, 7 March 2011

three sheets to the wind(mill)

This week at we are making items inspired by where we live, or, as the site puts it: an element, local treasure or landmark in our own cities. For the record, the featured cities will be Singapore, San Francisco, Houston, Melbourne and Chicago. As I live in a small village in a flat area of Lincolnshire I was a bit stuck. I toyed with the church and the duckpond but my hubby pointed out that every English village has a church. However, the next village to us has this:

My first thoughts were of using the sails as a sort of abstract applique. But then I remembered my youth, and the excellent Windy Miller:

I am going to try for a smock, I am channelling my inner peasant, the guy on the left is my fashion inspiration:

As everyone knows, the seventies are big this season. OK, so I didn't know really, but the Style supplement in the Sunday Times says so, therefore it must be true. I am therefore revisiting 1976 and have chosen this pattern that I think I got in a charity shop:

And yes, I am going to use that fabric!

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