Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sew for victory!

Everywhere you look on vintage sewing Blogland you can see versions of Simplicity 3688.

Simplicity 3688 Miss / Plus Size Leisurewear

Rochelle is hosting a 1940s themed sewalong, so you can play too!
Rochelle has asked us to be thrifty and resourceful in the spirits of the 1940s so I risked life and limb climbing on a rickety chair to look in my high stash cupboard and see if I had any fabric just hanging about.
I almost couldn't believe it when I found some suitable black fabric. I am slightly worried that I don't remember how it got there......
Have you made trousers? Any tips? Are you sewing anything 1940s just now?

Despite the dodgy brown and shiny flesh coloured styling sewists just love this pattern. I am going to use the trousers (pants) as my first ever trouser (pant) pattern and have a go. (No way am I getting into the whole Brits vs US trousers v pants debate again....) 

Am I a mad fool to try sewing trousers?


  1. I bought this pattern a long time ago.. and have never attempted it.. Everyone is saying it is a really good pattern.
    Good luck on yours.. and Can't wait to see them..
    ps proud you found your fabric..

  2. Thanks Judy! You should try it too, it could be a mini sewalong....