Thursday, 16 February 2012

Felt making - fun and anyone can do it

At my sewing class I was saying I wanted craft to do with Mia (aged very nearly 4 - next month). My sewing teacher Kate suggested felt making and lovely Joanne who runs the classes said she had some kit I could use..... This is Mia holding the wool roving you need (you can buy this on ebay, it is quite cheap). You also need some net or calico or similar, hot water and washing up liquid. That's it really! I like a cheap and cheerful craft....

Basically you make 3 layers of the woll, use other colours to make a pattern then tack your felt-to-be into a couple of pieces of cloth. Squirt on some washing up, pour on warm water and pulverise, pummel and poke for about 20 minutes until all the fibres have felted together. Rinse and dry flat.


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